Mallet Toe

Not many people know about mallet toe. Actually, it is a toe contracture inquisitive form which is also less famous compared to hammertoe. It is technically when toe end part bends downward knuckle which is nearest the nail or the joint. Such distortion is formed due to several reasons and most of the reasons can relate a lot with a person’s foot structure. Another reason is the imbalance which relates among the muscle actions which bend the toe, both upward and downward. The myth says that it is due to too tight shoes. Yet, no matter what the cause is, the result is that one’s tip is bent. This is dissimilar with the major knuckle just like in one’s hammertoe.

Yet, this kind of toe disturbance does not result the same pain in shoes, just like what hammertoe causes. This is because since the toe is not high up against the shoe top. However, it will cause another problem. Mallet toes are forced downwards due to walking activities. When there is a pressure on the toe tip, it can deliver better toe padded bottom. Usually, there will be a callus on the toe tip because of the skin pressure against the shoe. When the skin thickens, it turns out to be painful.

For people who have some problems in diabetics, low blood circulation and so forth, the callus will regularly secrete a skin injury beneath that may be infected and fast progress to the external bone bottom. Mallet toe treatment needs padding under the toe. This is to reduce the direct pressure on the toe tip. Worse problem can lead to surgery as the doctor should straighten the toe. It only takes a simple procedure to generate the straightening progress and it involves the release of the tight tendon that lies under the toe. This simple procedure can heal only with some stitches. When there are more complicated cases, there will be surgery for reducing joint bone for returning the toe into a straightened position. So, there should be no worry when one of our toes experienced such contracture. Almost all podiatrists can deal with this and it is tolerated by all means.

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