Men: Ignoring Foot Pain Is Not Advisable


Men, more often than women, seem to blow off small pains and discomforts as something that will just pass.  They will usually choose not to consult a physician in order to prevent further complications.  Any type of pain is your body telling you something is not right.  By avoiding the problem or pain could ultimately lead to more complex problems and become harder to treat.

Men and Their Foot Pains:

When it comes to foot pain, men in general tend to blow it off and ignore it all together.  Even if the pain is something they have experience in the past, they believe it will go away on its own so why worry about it.

Usually foot or ankle pains are relatively easy to treat when caught in early stages.  Ignoring these problems could be caused by underlying conditions that will worsen and will become harder to treat and at a much more expensive cost.  Below are some common foot problems, that if you are suffering from, you should not ignore.

Heel Pain:

Heel pain can vary from mild to intense pain and is usually caused by tissue inflammation. Left unattended, these tissues can tear and even rupture making the condition quite serious.  One of the most common causes of heel pain is tight heel cords or Plantar Fasciitis.  This is common in middle-aged folks or people who are on their feet a great deal, such as waiters or athletes.  Ignoring these symptoms and continuing normal activity could lead to serious problems.

Ankle Sprains:

Ankle sprains should never go unattended.  By ignoring this injury could lead to long lasting or permanent  physical problems.  You could suffer tendon disease or instability which could lead to complex surgeries and long term healing.

Joint Stiffness:

Although joint stiffness is usually associated with older people, this can occur in any one of any age depending on your physical activities.  Joint stiffness could be a sign of other underlying circumstances you might be unaware of.  Not all who develop arthritis are older people.  This could be a sign that you are developing arthritis and this should never be overlooked.  You could seriously lose mobility and loss of function if left unattended.


Tendonitis means inflammation of a tendon and are usually encountered in the wrist, rotator cuff, Achilles tendon or patellar tendon.  Tendonitis is caused by ignoring and overusing injuries to tendons without giving them time to repair.  Tendons are nourished by blood flow,  the Achilles tendon and rotator cuff are prone to injury due to a poor lack in blood flow.  When tendons are excessively used and unable to repair, damage will overtake the body’s ability to repair itself.  Reoccurring Tendonitis is probably going to take place, leaving you with no other alternative than surgery to repair the ruptures.

Toe Nails:

Men, more than women, seem to develop conditions like ingrown toenails or abnormally thick and disfigured nails.  Seeking professional help is quite important before trying to treat the condition yourself.  This is extremely important if you suffer from diabetes as this could be an undercurrent leading to further complications.

There are many resources online for further information and addressing other pains and ailments that you can read up on.  Many ailments and pains should not be brushed aside.  If you have recurrent pains you should consult with your doctor for proper treatments.  Not understanding and ignoring various pains or discomforts could lead to further complications if left untreated.  I hope this post has helped you understand and make important decisions when it comes to foot pain.

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