Toe Nail Changes: Not Always Fungus


Does Fungus Cause Toe Nail Changes?

When a person has its toenails discolored, he will think that the nail is infected with fungus. It is true in several cases in which people will only have to use several popular medications for getting rid of the toenail fungus. Yet, when it is not a fungus which can cause misshapen and other kinds of abnormal look on a toenail, some people think that their medications fail. Actually, some abnormalities may be caused by several other factors.

Infection or disease is one of the most popular reasons for a nail to change in shape like being thickened, discolored, oddly shaped and so forth. This is because the tissue which causes nail to grow is very prone and it can cause infections when it has several pressure. Pressures on toenails include weight dropping on heavy weight, pressure from shoes, injury and other kinds of strong pressure. However, the pressures due to gradual events can likely to occur in which a person is wearing tight shoes in several weeks or months. Injury, pressure from shoes, and even older ages can make nails get thick or discolored in which there is a hard skin tissue underneath the skin. The process of discolored toenails is irrevocable though a person can deal with nail softeners for dissolving several additional keratin which build it up within the area.

Not many people can guess that discolored nails can be due to several diseases within the body. There are certain health conditions such as kidney or heart disease which can cause some changes in colors like brown or red though there is no thickening of toe nails. Some other factors may include malnutrition as well as being poisonous in which a person’s toenail can have white lines on each side to another. The worse thing is whitish nails which indicate there is a liver disease within the human’s body. Some other poisoning which can cause color changes on nails include bruising, as well as the effect of chemotherapy.

Some other factors like skin conditions may change the appearance of a toenail. For instance, psoriasis will cause nail pitting while oil staining under the nail will also the result of several allergic reaction or some other medical causes. However, it should be noted that the main factor that can cause color changes on the nails may result on dark streaks from the base to the end of the nail. For those who have dark skin, it can be found easily and it is usually benevolent. Yet, for those who have fair skin, there will be some changes on skin pigment that surrounds the nail streak that can specify melanoma. When it happens, a person should really take this into serious consideration one should find medical help as soon as possible because it is very deadly.

So, changes on toenails can be due to several reasons and anyone should be careful enough with this condition. There are some common cases of toenail color changes, but anyone still should beware when they find out that they have abnormal nails.

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