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Morning Foot Pain

  One of the most common questions when it comes to discomfort of the feet is this: “When I get out of bed in the morning I’m experiencing morning foot pain. The first few steps that I take are very, very painful. This has been happening for the last few weeks, what could be causing [...]


Shoes and Foot Pain

A study has found that 88% of women in the USA wear shoes that are too small for them and 55% of women are sporting bunions. Bunions are far more common in women than in men and are usually attributed to wearing poorly fitting shoes that are narrow at the toes and squeeze the toes [...]

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Tips to keep your Feet Fit at the Gym

  With the weather being the way it is many people are going to the gym to keep themselves fit, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your feet injury free. When you return to the gym remember the basics, stretch your muscles first and increase the level of your work out gradually, [...]


Correctly Fitting Shoes Can Prevent Foot Pain

A correctly fitted shoe can help prevent many feet problems, when shopping for footwear you have to take all factors into consideration. after a long days work your feet are pleading to get out of those uncomfortable shoes. Shoes styles such as high heels, unsupportive flip flops and narrow thin flats can cause serious foot [...]


Cold Feet

A survey has shown that women are far more likely to develop cold in their extremities than men (up to 9 times more likely). They are far more likely to suffer from Raynaud’s disease – a recognised condition where not enough blood gets to the toes and fingers, which can be extremely pain. There are [...]


Painful Deformities of the Lesser Toes

Deformities of the lesser toes can be very painful. There are a number of surgical and non surgical treatments available; however they do not solve the underlying problem which caused the deformity of the lesser toe. Early assessment by your local doctor or podiatrist is vital to allow you to continue to enjoy their daily [...]


Foot Care and Healthy Aging

Aging gracefully should also involve staying active and as healthy as possible.  However: there are some unavoidable changes to your body that naturally occur as you age. Having a healthy lifestyle can help prevent or significantly reduce many problems associated with aging. Various impairments of the lower body are the leading cause of mobility issues [...]

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Swollen Feet and Pain

Foot problems are amongst the most common complaints in the world; one in seven people will experience this type of discomfort during their lifetime. There are many common causes of this type of discomfort, such as blisters, corns and calluses that occur from normal wear and tear and while they’re not ideal they’re also no [...]


Stop Living with Foot Pain

Every day millions of people are living with foot pain; some individuals are finding ways to deal with minor discomfort while others are struggling with the reality that they may never walk, or walk comfortably, again. Even though foot pain is one of the most common complaints that people have, this knowledge does little to [...]

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Causes of Foot Pain on the Side of the Foot

Foot pain typically occurs in the ball, heel, or arch of the foot but it’s possible to feel discomfort along the length of the foot as well. Foot care is an often overlooked part of our general health and well-being but is shouldn’t be, especially for people suffering from diabetes, in which case, foot care [...]