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Mallet Toe

Not many people know about mallet toe. Actually, it is a toe contracture inquisitive form which is also less famous compared to hammertoe. It is technically when toe end part bends downward knuckle which is nearest the nail or the joint. Such distortion is formed due to several reasons and most of the reasons can [...]


Over Supination

During the gait cycle, the supination is the stage at which our body weight is lifted toward the lateral part of the foot i-e on metatarsal bones of the fingers. This is the action during the gait cycle that propels our body forward. So supination is vital to the walking or running process. The phenomenon [...]



  When pain occurs in the ball of the foot it is often caused by Metatarsalgia, which is a fairly common affliction that develops when there is inflammation in the metatarsal area of the foot. While pain in the ball of the foot can occur for many reasons wearing high heels or having feet that [...]