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Secondary Conditions Associated with Bunions

  When a foot disorder occurs, it is bound to affect the whole related areas to varying extent. Same is the case with the bunion disorder. As it has many primary disorders related to the lower limb, it brings with it several secondary disorders that may develop with the time as a result of the [...]


Bunion Development in Young People

    Teenagers and Bunions, What You Should Know about It Teenagers and bunions may not be very common because bunions link with people who are older than twenty five or even thirty years old. This feet related problem is commonly progressive and it has been the outcome of strong pressures which occur for years. [...]


Bunions and Foot Pain

What Is A Bunion? A bunion is a deformation of the bone and joint at the base of the big toe that is either caused by a swollen bursa sac and/or by the big toe angling inward. This angling of the toe causes the head of first metatarsal of the foot to become visible. The [...]