Correctly Fitting Shoes Can Prevent Foot Pain

A correctly fitted shoe can help prevent many feet problems, when shopping for footwear you have to take all factors into consideration. after a long days work your feet are pleading to get out of those uncomfortable shoes. Shoes styles such as high heels, unsupportive flip flops and narrow thin flats can cause serious foot pain and even lead to conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Bunions. Is it time you save the less comfortable shoes for special occasion and invest in some comfortable supportive shoes that are suitable for everyday wear?

As we age it is possible for your feet to change in size, prior to purchasing any new footwear,  your should have your foot size checked by a store that specialises in measuring feet, the best time of day for this is at the end of the day as this is when your feet are at the largest. If purchasing footwear during the day allow for the expansion of your feet. Your feet tens not to be identical, one is usually bigger than the other so ensure your new footwear fits the largest of your two feet.

Prior to purchasing ensure you walk around the store to check the fitting feels right, try and select a shoe that is similar to your feet. Wearing high heels and narrow shoes all day can harm your feet. They can cause many different foot problems raging form corns and calluses to bunions and hammer toes. Lower heels are far more comfortable and less likely to damage your feet. It is recommended that your heels should not be more than 2 inches.  Do not purchase shoes you have not tried on as sizes may differ from manufacture to manufacture.

Try and ensure the widest part of your foot fits in to the widest part of your shoe, while walking around the shoe store ensure the heel of the foot does not slip out of the shoe. Never purchase tight fitting shoes in the assumption that they will stretch while you are wearing then.  The top of the shoe should be made from a softer more bendable material allowing it to form to the figure of your foot.  Try and ensure the sole of the shoe is thick, to give good impact protection,  and made from a non slip material as this will provide extra comfort for your feet.

Here are a few useful tips to help keep your feet in great condition. Stretching, a tender foot massage, a foot spa even walking are all good for your feet. Putting your feet up while sitting down this can help circulation as long as you don’t cross your legs. Ensure your feet are dry before putting shoes on and avoid sitting with crossed legs for long periods as this can reduce circulation.


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