Do Heel Pain Injections Wear Off?


The Effectiveness of Pain Injections

Many people wonder about the effectiveness of corticosteroid injections for the heel bottom for the treatment of pain on the heel as well as treatment for plantar fasciitis.Known well as ‘cortisone’ injections as it refers to previously steroid hydrocortisone, this shot is for disrupting the chemical process which can lead to inflammation as this is the main cause of the pain in the heel.

Most physicians do not commonly use this injection any longer because there are several others more advanced medications which relate to the corticosteroid drugs for treating a various kinds of of inflammatory disorders. They include inflammation of soft tissue, arthritis, as well as several diseases which relate to inflamed skin.  Those advanced injections have a faster as well asthe more efficient impactt on lessening inflammation around the plantar fascia compared to any medication of oral anti-inflammatory.

A common steroid injection in the patient’s heel may require a week or so to show significant result which reduce inflammation actively. But, some patients can even go through faster impact within three days if they are responsive to the crystal formed steroid. Such medication can either lessen the inflammation or not at all. But the patient will not feel the sustain effect.

When the case is severe, there will be second injection for total relieve, though there might be another pain in the coming week. However, this is not because of the wear off injection, but it is actually the  inflammation resurgence. It is because the heel pain underlying cause remains there which leads to damaged tissue after the shot.  Most of the time, it is unconscious hurt to the fascia which is caused by foot structure abnormality. This is why doctors have to optimize the use of steroid injection for a more effective result.

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