Do You Have Extra Foot Bones?



Extra Foot Bones and Treatments During Pain

Actually, not everyone has extra foot bones and those who have them may find those bones on several locations. The developments of these bones may vary, and it may be due to tumors. Mostly, these bones can just locate on anyone’s foot and they may be harmless. But sometimes, those extra foot bones may become the pain source and it depends on where they are located precisely.

These bones are also known as sesamoid or extra ossicles. It is called extra because it is different with normal sesamoid bones in which all people have under their joints of the big toe joint. Those extra bones are located under toe joints, around the ankle or the back and both foot sides.

In some cases, when the extra foot bones lie under one’s toe joint, the additional side that it develops may cause an aching callus which can cause hard pressure that causes sore foot. Yet, when the bones are placed on either outside or inside one’s foot tendon, the bone presence may at last ruin foot’s tendon as well as result in inflammation.

The good news is that, there is a simple treatment when a person suffers from this pain. When there is a developed tendonitis or pain, one should overcome it with anti-inflammatory medications, or icing and also foot padding. It is also important in curing the callus. Sometimes, a person needs to have a surgery for extracting the foot bones. If it involves tendons, then there should be medical action like tendon repair which needs the support upon recovery. Surgery can remove all pain and avoid the extra bones to regrow.

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