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Painful Foot

Painful foot turns out to be an extraordinary circumstance as the result of various causes. For those who suffer from chronic or acute foot pain, it is recommended to visit a podiatrist or doctor instead of curing themselves with risky methods.

Shoes has a great contribution in causing any kind of painful foot as shoes which are too tight, too loose and not well manufactured can lead to improper foot movement. People, sometimes, wear shoes that fit well with latest fashion instead of paying attention on the function. Shoes with narrow toes or stilettos should be avoided though it seems to be the hardest part for most women.

There are several other issues which can cause serious pain or injuries on foot due to several health problems. It is not recommended to do self cure when there is serious pain on foot. The help of professionals is strongly advised.

Painful Foot Main Causes


Sprains can happen when there is an excessive stretching on a ligament beyond its recover capacity. There might be no permanent damage though it is painful. It often happens when there is a sudden frequency increased on human’s physical activity or intensity. Or there are some traumas like ankle rolling over. Sprains usually occur on ankles and wrists and they mostly take place on athletes, football players or dancers.


It is the sort of condition which can develop when uric acid is building up within the human’s body. It forms ‘crystals’ in the big toe joint. It can deliver a discomfort feeling like arthritis which will turn out to cause inflammation. Gout is mostly found on big toe though other toes will be affected later on. Its symptoms mostly similar with the symptoms linked with bunions in which common people are mostly hard to diagnose it well, whether it is gout or bunions.

Available Options for Treatment


Known well as plantar wart which develops on the foot bottom, it is not a really serious problem. Yet, it can cause discomfort, especially when one is doing some activities that involve weight bearing requiring bumps pressure. It is able to give pressure to the foot’s tender tissues growth. Verruca is seen as skin’s raised circles with thick surfaces. Yet, the small black circles which are dotted on the growth are basically blood vessels.

There are actually many available options for any kind of painful foot though it requires strong patience. The treatment itself does not guarantee that there will be another wart which can occur again in time to come. The treatment main goal is for removing warts without causing any damage to surrounding tissues. Good treatment will not leave a scar as well. Several topical treatments are able to deliver irritation on skin as well as skin tenderness around the wart. Among the most common treatments include

• Duct tape
• Treatments by topical chemical
• Salicylic acid.
• Warts removal through surgery procedures

Among those treatments, salicylic acid is the most popular ones as it is available in the form of plasters, gels and creams and they are sold freely over the counter. Based on recent researches, there are 90% of painful foot problems can be resolved by salicylic acid treatments. Verruca is also one of several problems which need serious treatments by using salicylic acid. The good thing is that, such kind of treatment is able to ruin surrounding tissues. It means, there should be strong cautions to apply the product.

Salicylic acid will be more effective when a person soakes the painful foot area within lukewarm water while using pumice stone in removing build up excessive tissue. It’s significant that others do not utilize the same tool with you because they can develop their warts likewise. After the process is accomplished, it is recommended in following the guidance on the package. Applying the ointment is the next thing to do though one should use protection like gloves when they apply it. Visiting doctors will be recommended when one experiences a strong reaction towards treatment. Besides, when there is no better result after about three months, it is better to find help from professionals.

It should be noted that avoiding mucous membranes area or face is a must thing to do when applying salicylic acid. Yet, this treatment should be under doctor’s supervision, especially for those who suffer from diabetes , peripheral vascular disorder and poor circulation. This is because they can suffer from complications like tissue and nerve damage permanently.


Bunions are known as protrusion of bones which performs at the toe base. They are a common circumstance which affects women compared to men. It starts from the big toe that starts leaning toward the other toes which will cause the first metatarsal bone tip in becoming visible. Such condition mostly very painful and it results on hard walking.

Bunion sufferers have various kinds of treatments like orthotics devices, painkillers and other footwear modification. Surgical procedures may not be recommended when the conditions is not too serious. Surgery does not guarantee satisfying results and there will be some complication risks like foot’s subsequent sub-par functioning as well as infection.


Ingrowing Toenail

It can take place when the nail edges grow into the soft tissues surrounding it. It can pierce the skin and it can be very painful because of the redness and swollen skin. When it is not treated properly, there will be infection.

Plantar Fasciitis

It developed at the time there is irritation or inflammation of a thick tendon running from toe to heel. Heel pain is one of the most common symptoms. Plantar fasciitis has several causes, though it is mostly caused by the so-called bio-mechanical issue which is mostly found in runners. Most of cases of heel pain cases can be the damage result of plantar tissues. It mostly occurs that tissue which surround the heel bone are inflamed and irritated at the same time. Heel pain is very common as it brings high discomfort stages when there is pressure on the affected area as a person is walking, running or even standing.

The pain will be very intense in the morning, particularly when plantar fasciitis is the main factor. It goes along with several few steps in the beginning of the day but it will fade gradually afterwards. Yet, the pain can occur intensely again at the end of the day.

Though there are so many treatment options, the process of treatment can be very complicated. In some cases, curing process can be up to a year and a person can go on with prevention methods afterwards. Preventing pain on heel can cover several methods as stated below:

• Calf muscles regular stretching, focusing on the lower limbs
• Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the short term only
• Using corticosteroid injections only when the pain is too severe
• Wearing properly fitting shoes with proper cushioning and support
• Wearing sport-specific shoes on any physical activities
• Using orthotic devices

As many people can go on well to this kind of treatment, only 10% of patients still feel the long term pain. It can be solved through surgical procedures.


Orthoses are basically the devices in which they fit into a pair of shoes for providing support and cushioning. Another function of orthoses is providing the lower limbs’ proper alignment. Orthoses is not only beneficial for correcting some core problems on heel pain, yet they are very effective in reducing level of pain altogether. Anyone can obtain Orthoses easily on several sports shops as well as drug stores. Yet, orthoses are also available based on custom made or custom designed. They are very much applicable for those who prefer to use modern treatments instead of applying conventional treatments. Orthoses are also helpful for those who find that orthotic devices are not really helpful for minimizing their pain on heels.

It is best to buy regular orthoses on drug stores at first for try out. Not only because it is easy to get, but it is also very affordable. But, keep in mind that the product can be suitable for some people though others may find that custom designed products are much better. One of several famous products is Dr Foot Pro insoles in which they are very effective, accessible and the most important thing is it is affordable.

Other Foot Pain Causes


Usually, there will be strong pain when toes nevers are compressed or injured. It can cause cramp as well. The pain commonly being stronger when a person is walking and removing his shoes can bring better relief. Such condition is called Morton’s neuroma. It usually strikes only certain toes like third and fourth toes. However, feet related problem which is caused by nerves is also usually when a person is frequently wearing high heels or when one has flat feet.

Options on Non-Surgical Procedure

When a person is diagnosed for a Morton’s neuroma, then the first thing to do is by doing a treatment by reducing the pressure amount which is located on the inflamed nerve. Usually, some options which do not require surgery options may include:
• Using the Orthotics device in which it can distribute body weight in an even manner while reduce the pressure amount on the inflamed nerve

• Using proper footwear: Too tight shoes must be avoided because it can squeeze the a wide toe box so that the metatarsal area is not having too much pressure.

• Taking Painkillers as well as anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce swelling and inflammation. Such kind of medication can also leave nerve for being decompressed.

• Using localized numbing anesthetics. Some doctors may recommend using ultrasound imaging into affected areas by injection so that there will be blocking pain action for patients.

• Applying ice blocks can help reducing levels of pain. Sometimes, Morton’s neuroma sufferers also feel burning.

• Having cortisone for injection into the affected area. The shot can produce an uncomfortable feeling, though it can deliver good result afterwards

• Having a Rest: Keeping off feet from receiving pressure can be very helpful.

Surely there will be the surgery option when the Morton’s neuroma is failing to cure by conventional treatments. A person can cure such situation when the case is severe by having surgery which may take only an hour to perform. It requires a local anesthetic so that a patient can just leave the hospital after having the surgery. It may need a small incision on either the bottom or top of the foot. It is for removing several tissues that surround the irritated nerve so that it can let nerve to decompress. The nerve may be removed entirely in some cases though it is usually avoided because it can affect the space between the toes.

After the surgery, the patient should wear aftercare requires wearing the proper shoe for keeping the foot free from pressure during the healing process which can take for about a month. Most patients who have undergone Morton’s neuroma surgical treatment can have good result in reducing pain levels.

Excessive Feet Strain

Another kind of irritation and pain which is developed in the ball of the foot is commonly caused by Metatarsalgia. It is an uncomfortable circumstance with several causes. Many people say that the foot pain may range from mild to strong and it can cause uncomfortable feeling. The symptoms may get worse when they do some activities that involve weight bearing. It commonly strikes some toes at the the base, though in particular the whole toes can get affected.

The pain mostly develops in the ball of the foot because of the too much pressure. One may suffer from pain when one likes to wear high heels, being pregnant or too much overweight or dealing with sports too actively or even when one wears too tight shoes. Older age people can also suffer from such condition and they are even prone to such conditions.

Several Options in Treatment

Some people may have found out that Metatarsalgia cases are easy to get self treatment. They include:

• Using a compression bandage that has elastic characteristic for preventing swelling
• Raising the inflamed foot above the stage of heart as it is also beneficial in reducing swelling and eliminating pain significantly
• Having a rest is is very important, because most people may be prone to have too much exercise. A person can use a cane or crutches when the affected foot is not able to support the body weight.
• Applying ice to the ball of the foot. It is better to do it in fifteen minutes at one time, as one can let the skin warm among sessions. One can use the frozen vegetable bag for the alternative of the usual ice pack

This kind of therapy can be applied for more than two days time period. Afterwards, the compression can be removed and. When there is no progress, it is urged to find medical help.

Other treatment alternatives

• Using orthotic devices for foot support . This device can also optimize foot biomechanics function and deliver cushion to the affected areas. The device will deal out body weight regularly on the whole foot area.
• Wearing flat shoes that has supports on foot with good well structured design
• Using a shock-absorbing insoles for more cushioning and protection for convenient standing or walking.
• Using NSAIDs for reducing pain and inflammation though one cannot expect to correct the basic problem
• Exercising some regions on the legs like ankle and foot gently. Afterwards, stretch the back of the ankle tendon for better treatment.

Achilles Tendonitis

It is an irritated Achilles tendon which is at the back of the ankle. It can lead to severe inflammation of several certain tissues that is afterwards referred to tendonitis.


As the foot pain strikes old age people, it can be due to osteoarthritis. Such cases are experienced by people in the United Kingdom who suffer from this common arthritis. This disorder can cause swelling joint tissues as well as the one in heel joint and big toe. Some foot pain cases will be regarded to rheumatoid arthritis. It can occur rarely because it is very painful. This can be an attack on the body immune system so there will be strong pain and inflammation throughout the body. The affected area can be painful and stiff when such condition occurs. Pain killers or cold therapy can be the best alternative.

Stress Fracture

It is a condition when there is a small crack in one of the foot bones. Those who suffer from this are people who participate in sports with high-impact aspects or repetitive ones like running, ballet and basketball. Stress fractures can attack lower leg exterior bone, upper mid-foot bone, heel bone and metatarsal bones.

There will be swollen and severe pain after the impact in which the affected area will be very irritating. So, it is somewhat ordinary to see a developed bruise in the affected area where there is a fracture. When one suspects that there is a fracture which has occurred in his foot, he should stop all activities and stop putting too many weights on foot. The help from medical experts is a must.


It is a condition when there are fluids that build-up in the body tissues. They contain mainly water and it will not cause any pain when there is a routine. Usually, there will be swelling and heavy feeling in the affected during the oedema. It can strike in the whole area of the lower leg, instead of merely on the feet. A person should have medical treatment as soon as possible, especially when the swelling and pain has no indication of diminishing.

Wound from Puncture

The pain on foot can be caused by the foot tissues puncturing. In several cases, a foreign object can turn out to be embedded and have to be eliminated. So, anyone who might have stepped upon any sharp object should make throughout inspection of the feet for better initial prevention.


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