Managing Pain on Top of Foot



Almost everyone suffers from pain on foot, particularly from the middle or the top of the foot. This pain problem is very common in which anyone will feel uncomfortable when he or she is wearing shoes. This is because there is a strong pressure on the top of the foot and it results on tingling, burning, or numbness when there is a bump under some nerves on the foot top. There are several causes which lead to the pain on top of the foot.

Usually, there is a bone enlargement that leads to joint pressure. There will be bone spur which is the result of the effect of jamming. The bump can be caused by arthritic deterioration or it can be caused by the improper fracture fragment healing process. The bump may ruin both skin and soft tissue which surrounds it—no matter what causes it. When it is left untreated, it can lead to severe pain when the foot has strong pressure.

Fortunately, there is a simple medication step that anyone can use to cure it. When the bump is not too painful, it is best to place a padding on top of it. It is better to avoid shoe lacing and wear loose shoes instead. Some medical treatments like pain killer medicine can also help. For worse cases, one may need to have surgery for removing bone prominence. The result can be very effective and one will not suffer from it for longer time. There will be fewer complications after the surgery, unless the nerve is too near to the incision, in which scar tissue will cause irritation.

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