Nail Conditions


Nail conditions are any irregular developments in the nail, or the nail bed that at times severely affects the health of toe. Although, there are many conditions and deformities covered or listed under the medical journal, but we have listed some most common developments or deformities in this article.

Ingrown Toenails

This is the most common condition of the nails observed by doctors & podiatrists all over. It is frequently caused by incorrect nail trimming techniques (nails that are but too short or by unorthodox techniques), or having suffered trauma to the toe, wearing congested or tight shoes and also in some cases naturally occurring deformity like natural curving of the nails sharply into the skin. The treatment for such problems depends on the type and severity of the injury and also if any infection has developed or not. Generally the nails are lifted out from the skin through different methods, although sometimes the nails are even completely removed. This condition can be easily prevented by proper trimming of the toenails and wearing loose comfortable shoes which also allow for flow of air inside the shoes for the toes to breathe as well.

Fungal infections

Fungal infections are generally caused due to wet feet or similar issues which makes conditions favourable for fungus growth on the feet. It is indicated by presence of discolorations or thickening of nails which might result in the separation of the nail from its nail bed. The discolorations could occur with the nail turning yellow, white, and green and may also result in foul odour from the feet. There is also a certain possibility of a discharge being given out depending upon the nature of the fungal infection. The treatment is as simple like applying anti-fungal creams or taking pills, but sometimes professional treatment is also recommended. Keeping feet dry and using clean socks is sufficient enough to prevent fungal infections as the only care has to be taken to not let fungus grow.

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Deformed Nails

Deformity in nails can occur from various factors. It can range from genetic disorders up to high-impact trauma. But one of the major causes is accidental damages. Carrying a heavy object and suddenly Bam!!! It falls on the nails, or else hitting on the furniture edges etc. these may cause the nails to break, form ridges and thickening the nails. This is nothing much that one can do about it except pay extra attention to detail and perform tasks more carefully and also take proper care of the injury so as to it does not get worse in future.

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Black or Blue Nails

Do not confuse this for the blue nails you get when you suffocate due to lack of air. This blue nails are caused due to internal bleeding of the veins inside the nails. Sometimes when we bang ourselves onto something, that part of the body turns bluish-black. The same way, the blood vessels inside the nails bursts or gets injured due to certain trauma or acute injuries. The main reason for this happening though is fickle movement. Sudden starts and stops movement, which happens in high intensity games like basketball and tennis causes this problem. Also injuries on the foot due to heavy objects falling on the nails cause internal injury and hence blue nails. Whatever might the reason be the nails become pretty sore due to the blood build up in the area. Doctors generally drill and small hole in the area to let the accumulated blood out so as to relieve the pressure and pain and provide some relief. Generally the injured nail falls off and the new nail takes its place.

Most of the above conditions could be prevented by keeping feet clean and dry, using clean socks and always checking out shoes properly for support and cushioning and also buying the proper size that fits you neatly. Some orthotic devices can also help keep your feet stable and supported. Regular trimming of nails is also essential and healthy. Special recommendation for diabetic people to take extra precautions as these conditions can get much more severe in their cases if not properly treated in time. They do not want to add this problem to myriad of others.

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