Over Supination

During the gait cycle, the supination is the stage at which our body weight is lifted toward the lateral part of the foot i-e on metatarsal bones of the fingers. This is the action during the gait cycle that propels our body forward. So supination is vital to the walking or running process. The phenomenon that is the part of supination process is the rolling out of the ankle as we lift-off from the ground. It may happen that this rolling out of the ankle is much greater than required or it may occur at inappropriate time during the gait cycle. This may refer to as over supination.

If over supination occurs, thus compromising the rolling out motion of the ankle, it brings with it the severe consequences. As a result of the over supination an extra amount of pressure is placed on the outer part of the foot, this in turn causes the ankle bones and joints to be over pressurized. This can lead to the injury and dislocation of the ankle joint. Moreover it leads to a condition in which the pressure is not evenly distributed throughout the foot thus causing the front part of the foot to work so hard. As a consequence, an improper gait cycle coupled with loss of throughout the lower limbs may occur.

The most common disorder of the kind is the over pronation, as compared to it, the over supination is much less common. It can be present at the time of birth on some people, but it may also occur as a result of an injury or the fact that the tendons are loose in the ankle. In this way the stability and the limitation of the movement are effected to a greater extent. When the ankle get sparained there is a chance that the ligament may get loose that can be cause of such over supination in the later stages of life when the component level in the body begins to degrade. Higher foot arches may also be the cause of over supination.

As the over supination reduces the ability of feet to absorb appropriate pressure, there may be a chance that it leads to a chronic injury that may involve fractures caused by stress and the shin splints in which the muscle mass become sprained and tend to split apart causing extreme pains. So the lower limb areas as a whole become vulnerable as a result of over supination. It may also cause the hip and lower back region to be affected thus causing the problems in balance and posture maintenance of the body and causing pain in the mentioned regions.

The evidence that may suggest over supination is the fact that a person having a problem with the weight distribution will have the more worn down outside of the show than the inside. So if this is the condition, a professional should be consulted to examine the cause in detail.

If a person is confirmed having the over supination of the feet, the condition can be cured by the use of extra soles or the orthotic devices. They distribute the pressure evenly throughout the feet thus causing the ankle to become less sprained. It may be noted that in most of the cases the ready-made orthotics are really good to provide relief, but the best results can be obtained by the use of custom designed devices. This is probably the most effective treatment of the over supination. 

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