Why Do Foot Doctors Advise Against Wearing Heels?


High Heel Shoes Fashion vs Health

All women in the world know that high heel shoes are the must have ones. And they know for sure that they feel less comfortable afterwards or they sometimes suffer from ankle pain. But still, they do not want to keep away from those stilettos, no matter what happen. Nobody can understand why.

First of all, let’s take a look on the name implies, heel. Ankle instability will occur depending on the heel width. Regardless of one’s habit of walking with her high heels, there are always missteps or some rough surfaces which may lead to severe sprain in ankle. The worse thing is an ankle fracture. High heels can also lead to unstable foot because when the heel is moving upward, it can cause disturbance to a joint which is beneath the ankle joint that controls the foot rolling.

That’s not the only foot problem which related to the position of the foot when it is wearing high heels. Achilles tendon will suffer from inflexibility. The Achilles tendon, linking the calf muscles to the heel bone calf lets the ankle in flexing downward. So, this tendon should maintain its stretchiness for keeping the foot to function well. When the high heel shoes press the heel back upward, the Achilles tendon experiences too much pressure and it can result on shortening function.

If this condition is left untreated, there will be increasing pressure to the football and the Achilles tendonitis. The worst thing that might happen is surgery which can result on longer time period on the healing process.

Such theories have been known worldwide and it seems that many women still take this for granted. They prefer to feel uncomfortable instead of being seen as less fashionable. If you are one of those women, you might want to reconsider this. The truth is that high heeled shoes can cause several kinds of pain which can lead to serious injuries.

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